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And the call that Jesus makes to hat for the summer repentance is that you leave your whole life behind, by which he means your whole affections, everything that you loved before is now subordinated to Christ. So, let me say this. We get it all wrong. We get it all seriously wrong. We seriously distort the gospel beyond recognize. We disfigure it when we tell people, as if this were the final word on the gospel, that they need to accept Christ as their personal Savior. If thats all that you say to someone, you have not explained the gospel to them at all. Theres nothing in that that helps a sinner understand what the price of the gospel is. The sinner needs to understand that his great concern is for Christ to accept him. So, what is the relationship, then, between repentance and faith?

Repentance, you could say, turns from sin in the ways that weve been describing here. Faith - which is the other side of the coin, heads and tails of one single coin faith receives Christ and rests upon Him alone for salvation. Repentance and faith are interdependent. You cannot have true repentance without true faith or vice versa. You turn from sin because you hate it for its own intrinsic evil. You turn to Christ for salvation because only He men's hat for summer can deliver you from sin. If youre turning from something, youve got to turn to something; thats the idea. Saving faith is a repentant faith. Without repentance, there is no salvation. Repentance, stated differently, turns from sin and, by faith and trust in the promises of the gospel, asks God for mercy based on the promise of eternal life in the gospel. "God, I hear Your Word. I hear the offer of salvation in mens hat types the gospel.

Thats why you love the ministry of Grace to You; thats what brought you here is a love for Gods Word, which is the mark of a regenerate heart, someone whos truly come to salvation. And so, if youre one of those five percent - just picking a number; Im just making it up God orchestrated this you should view it this way: God orchestrated this entire conference for you to hear the gospel with clarity and to repent and to be saved. And if you come to judgment apart from Christ, how much will you be without excuse? But, O beloved, for those of you that have repented, rejoice in the gospel, rejoice in the fact that God has worked in your life in this way. Now, you see him discussing repentance in his epistles. Its not as prominent a theme in ushanka hat his epistles because hes writing to Christians; hes writing to churches.

But the nature of repentance and teaching on repentance is so introspective that it is kind of heavy. I want you to remember this; true repentance is a turning from self to Christ. If youre repentant, you have Christ. You have God over all, most blessed forever as the One who owns you and directs your life, and owns you and will bring you into heaven. Christ belongs to you, and you belong to Him. Thats the whole point is to leave the old man behind for Him. The glory of belonging to Him through true repentance should elevate your heart and cause you to rejoice. So, you rejoice. Secondly, I would encourage you to recommit yourself to this true gospel. Dont be intimidated by the tolerance of our post-modern age. Understand and embrace the fact that the gospel is a direct confrontation with the spirit of our age.

The WORD part will be more abstract: a new vocabulary word, a persons name, a date, etc. So next, were going to LISTEN TO that word and find something concrete (very important!) that it sounds like. Its possible that it already sounds like something you can picture (like the name "Abraham Lincoln"). But most often, youll have to play around with the sounds. If nothing jumps to mind, try making some unvoiced sounds voiced, or voiced sounds unvoiced. For instance, "j" is a voiced sound (your voice is ON to say it). If you whisper it, it becomes "ch" (unvoiced). Nearly all consonants have a voiced and unvoiced combination (e.g., B and P, D and T, V and F, G and C, etc.) Im now going to COMBINE THESE into an image of a stereotypical California surfer running for my pile of burgers with his surf board.

He jumps up with his board and onto the top of the burger mount to "surf it." (In my image, when he gets to the bottom of the "burger wave," he turns around and nods, like "woah, dude.") Now white hat I have a combined image that connects the word surfeit ("surf it") with its meaning of "more than is needed." Remember, improve memory and you will also improve your communication power. More tools in the belt means more options for delivering your message with maximum impact for the intended audience and purpose. If you dont believe me that literally any word or fact can be learned this way I invite you to present your "stumpers" in the Comments section below, and Ill be happy to try Bild my own hand (and brain) at them for you.
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