Bose 901 Speaker Placement

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Bose 901 Speaker Placement

Beitragvon johnnyhenderson » Sa 23. Sep 2017, 08:11


I recently moved and found the perfect room for my first-generation Bose 901 speakers. (In my previous place, they were hooked up but not really arranged properly properly due to space limitations.)

The current room is large, with wood floors, thick plaster walls, and high ceilings.

I know that the manuals suggest aiming the back toward a straight wall, but after doing some experimenting in this room, I think they really sound better with the backs facing into corners. The rear corner of each speaker is about 18" from the respective wall corner, but due to the shape of the speakers, the two rear panels end up being spaced a little closer to each wall at the sides.

I realize that acoustics vary greatly from space to space. I am just curious if anyone else has tried this.


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