Having Basic Restring Problems After a Decade! Stick for me

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Having Basic Restring Problems After a Decade! Stick for me

Beitragvon johnnyhenderson » Sa 2. Sep 2017, 11:16

Apparently posted this in the wrong place last time...

I know the problem is basic, but I'm tearing my hair out having read multiple troubleshooting guides, so I thought I'd try this before I pay silly money for a service.

I put some Ernie Baller Slinky Cobalt's on my guitar (2005 Epiphone Les Paul Standard) a few months ago, and could not get the g string to ring out. I tried adjusting the bridge, the saddle, cleaning out the nut, restringing the string... nothing. Eventually I tried a different string which for some reason worked perfectly the first time, assumed it was a dud string, and left it.

Months later, it's time for a string change, so I've grabbed some Slinky Paradigms, and am faced with the exact same problem as before. I have tried:

All of the above, with maybe a very slight exception for the latter, have no effect. The string is equally muted on all frets, with no buzz, and seems to have very restricted vibration around the nut. It is extremely tight to bend. It remains muted even when very loosely tuned. The same happens when the string is pulled into the nut for the B string, which I did to see if it could ring out in other nut slots.

Any ideas at all?
Please Help !
Thanks !
I didn't find the right solution from the internet.
- https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/s ... 7651925646
- Case study example
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